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Stone Cold Steve Austin returns to WWE Wrestlemania 2009 ?

Posted by sssjvsss on February 15, 2009

 At last word, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is booked to appear at Raw tapings in Nashville (2/23) and San Antonio (3/16). 

Well he will be in Houstan, Texas for sure, but will he be there for a match, one last match after the night he gets into Hall of Fame at wrestlemania 2009 ? 

He may have match with Chris Jericho perhaps… 

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Chris Jericho.. Sounds good right ?

We have to wait and see


2 Responses to “Stone Cold Steve Austin returns to WWE Wrestlemania 2009 ?”

  1. sssjvsss said

    Raw Elimination Chamber :
    Winner and new Champ : Edge

    SD Elimination Chamber :
    Winner and New Champ : HHH

    Randy vs Shane o Mac
    Winner : Randy Orton

    Jack Swagger vs FInlay
    Winner and Still champ : Jack Swagger

    HBK vs JBL
    Winner : HBK

  2. sssjvsss said

    Voges Stunning Boundary catch, free video download available at

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