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WWE Smackdown Spoiler 03/20

Posted by sssjvsss on March 18, 2009

SmackDown (Airing 03/20)
* Triple H came out and cut a promo about Randy Orton. Triple H called Orton a disease and said he was the cure.

* Triple H defeated Vladimir Kozlov. Nothing special here. Triple H won with the Pedigree.

* MVP defeated Shelton Benjamin with the Playmaker to become the new United States Champion. Good match here with MVP deserving the win.

* Shawn Michaels defeated Kane with Sweet Chin Music. Shawn got a huge pop for appearing on SmackDown.

* Jeff Hardy defeated The Brian Kendrick in an Extreme Rules match. Good match with some nice spots. Hardy won with the Swanton.

* WWE did an announcement for the Von Erichs going into the Hall of Fame this year.

* The Undertaker defeated JBL in a non-title match. Not a bad match here. Taker won with his Hell’s Gates submission move.


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