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Undertaker returns — Summerslam 2009 — A look

Posted by sssjvsss on August 27, 2009

Lets get to the point striaght. Smackdown has been giving some amazing matches in the recent times, thanks to John Morrison, Selton, Punk, Ziggler, Rey, Jeff and Jericho… But it still lacks that ONE BIG NAME to run the main event, and the return of the Undertaker is the most desperately wanted thing for the show.

Now just look at C M Punk, he is playing an amazing heel/tweener role here … I mean, he gets all the heat but justifies his stand. Unlike his first champion reign, he could cut some interesting promos this time and give some good matches with Jeff. He just got himself into the position of next big thing of Smackdown so quickly and all he needs now is a feud with Undertaker.

With the above two things said, its kind of so obvious that Undertaker should return and feud with CM Punk. But, now the return of Undertaker leaves us with a couple of questions
1) Is Undertaker character beating C M Punk after such a brutal match with Jeff, that too in ambushed way like that, justified ?

2) Is the question,’ why Undertaker chose Punk ‘ justified ?

Question 1-
I would say, it was fair. I mean the crowd had treated Undertaker as a big face through out his career, but the way they show im was always as a tweener. For instance, if there is a group of face and heels , he comes and beats down all of them, unlike typical Faces who teams up with the other faces to beat down the other heels. He never bothers about his name and been some one who takes immense pleasure in beating down the other guy. So if Undertaker has decided Punk is his next target, then he has no hesitation in doing so.

Question 2-
Why Punk ? What did Punk do wrong ?
ok lets analyse some of the possible reasons…

1) Is Undertaker after the world title ?

Ok, if its so, then What Undertaker should have done is, playing some mind games, a stare down, a throat cross signal… what more ?? He does not believe in weakening his opponents before the match.

2) Is the fact that he also lost his title via Money in the bank some time back is STILL Hurting ?

When he lost the title, his first target was Mark Henry and not Edge.. If u watch clearly, you can find that his attention went to Edge only after his interference at Survivor Series match. He does not think so bad that Punk used his OPPORTUNITY, after all that he did earn it with a fight.

3) Did Undertaker have enough of Punk ?
Hey, wait what did Punk do wrong ? He has some problem with the lifestyle of Jeff and putting it clearly, and he believed that for the same reason Jeff can never make it big … Is it wrong ? He is not having any problems with the others in the show .. AND, more importantly, he won a match fair and clear , and the match is supposingly a match where Jeff has the advantage 😉

Now, the very fact that showing Undertaker and making him chokeslam would make the crowd happier has gone to the level that WWE creative team killed the character of Undertaker 😦


2 Responses to “Undertaker returns — Summerslam 2009 — A look”

  1. dodo said

    Hi the undertaker my name is dodo a.k.a ryan,im a boy of 19years old and i live in Botswana the southern rigion of Africa.i just like your style in wwe i mean you are doin a great job,superb and just wanted to express how greatfull i am being one of your number one fan world wide.I would also like to ask you this question which i asked most of people in botswana including my parents and it seems like no one is able to answer it.Is wwe wrestling true or is just action like we see action movies,i know its part of sport but most of people says youguys are following a script how true is?thts all i wanted to ask for now thak you sir.

  2. dodo said

    we are all wating to see you returning back to smackdown after you official return to wwe at summer slam

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