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The Complete Kamal Haasan Pyramid Saimira Saaga

Posted by sssjvsss on September 10, 2009

Hmmm… yet again… Yet again, Just when Kamal releases his movie so much hurdles..
For those who are not aware, here is the short and sweet info…
Following Dasavatharam, Kamal Haasan announced his plans to work with Pyramid Saimira for the mega budget ‘Marmayogi’ . The preproduction works and casting has started but then just when Saimira was expecting huge profit via Rajnikanth starrer Kuselan, it bombed in boxoffice with Pyramid facing around 40 crores loss. So Marmayogi was shelved, atleast for the time being…

Then Kamal started the next venture, ‘Unnai pol Oruvan’, after wasting one year after the earth shattering success of Dasavatharam. Now just that UPO is all set to release, Pyramid is asking the Universal Hero to return the 10 crore with 24% interest that he has consumed for the preproduction of Marmayogi.

While Kamal Haasan claims 40 crore back at Pyramid for wasting one year of his career on such a waste of time …
What ever it is , it is clearly unfair behaviour from pyramid and got paid back properly…


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