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Breaking Point 2009 Preview : John Cena vs Randy Orton

Posted by sssjvsss on September 11, 2009

Hey, this one is for John Cena … The day John Cena quits a match, the entire superman era is over… That must be a heel turn for him to be more clear.. The character Cena is built such that he would he never quit, never back up from any challenge… So John Cena would take this one. Also, Man, Orton sucks to the core, and this may be the begining of the end of Legacy.. Hope they would broke soon with Ted Di Biase turning face, then Cody also doing the same..

But all i ask wwe, to make Orton fight. I mean, it should be like, Orton was never ready to quit, but then Cena got to do hell to make him loose.. A proper finish would be that Orton gets beaten so badly and goes unconsious and the refree stops the match… Makes sense so that Orton can ask for his rematch any way.


2 Responses to “Breaking Point 2009 Preview : John Cena vs Randy Orton”

  1. i am a hudge john cena fan and i watch raw every day and i hope john cena wins the wwe championship from randy orton cena please win bye see u on tv sunday and monday.

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