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Simbhu Rocked @ Fefsi Show

Posted by sssjvsss on December 6, 2009

Oh.. oh.. oh…. Wait a minute… Just back from watching Fefsi cultural in Sun TV, watching our own Simbhu finishing the program in style J .. This guy is damn interesting, makes me feel extremely sympathetic for him.

At first, I never liked him for his over publicized debut with poor quality movies. It took a U turn when he stunned me with Manmadhan. Now getting into the point, ever since he broke with Nayanthara, he got media attention, in a lot ways, talking about how he miss her, or how true he is or how much she matters to him; not just media attention, my attention too. Never missed the chance to take the seat next to her, when ever they were together in any function or cultural or just a gathering. Trying desperately to make it look like nothing bad had happened. Hey, that’s fine, and as a matter of fact that’s what made me like him .

This time, yet again, he seated along with Nayanthara, and Sun TV dint miss a chance to capture them laughing together, to get the interest of fans like me and raise their trp. As a matter of fact, all their promo for the program featured Simbhu talking on stage about ‘Loosu pennae’, and quite intelligently teased throughout the program that it’s the next segment but kept it as last, and made me watch it for some time. {Hey Sunaina was cute as hell and rocked as well.. Will talk about that later}

And yeah, when he got into the stage, the entire stadium erupted with Nayanthara and ‘Loosu Ponnu’ chants; as a matter of fact when he was getting ready to dance, there was huge chants asking Nayanthara to dance alongside him. Man o Man, even Simbhu himself, had almost called her out . When he sung the ‘Loosu Pennae’ song, the camera men did not miss to take the camera from her, neither did Simbhu took his eyes off her or missed to comment on her expressions. It all looked like they are together again. Not sure what  Simbhu’s intentions are, he sure as hell, had left Nayan think a lot about him and their relation and his so called true love, unless he spoiled the party off camera.


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