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WWE TLC : Sheamus Def John Cena Tables Match

Posted by sssjvsss on December 14, 2009

In what could be big shocker of the night, John Cena dropped his title to Sheamus in a clean loss in a table match. Its quite understandable that Cena did not get pinned or submit, just went crashing through a table. That too when he tried to suplex Sheamus while the latter shoved him off.
Nice to see Sheamus winning, but he has a lot to prove. Personally I think its a namesake title change and Sheamus would lose it back so soon. There is a big split reaction for Cena, lots of Boos even after the match. Cena took the piece of table as he returned back to the dressing room. Interesting…

Sheamus is the new WWE Champion 🙂


One Response to “WWE TLC : Sheamus Def John Cena Tables Match”

  1. Sheamus was better than Cena and he deserved to be wwe champion!

    I think he will have a great future in the wwe federation!

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