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Effects of Bret Hart returning !!

Posted by sssjvsss on December 20, 2009

What could be the effects of Bret hart returning to WWE.

Will he be returning as a HEEL or Face ?
Bret Hart as Face Manager in WWE makes no sense for me, unless he fights Vince. So he may be coming as Face a feud with Vince till Wrestlemania. Afterwards, turn heel, provided his contract is extended.

Also, he can make a huge impact in the way Hart Dynasty is getting booked and soon, i mean pretty soon we can see DX breaking . As Shawn quite wisely taking time off post wrestlemania, their relationship will not heat up.

Bret personally likes Melina a lot. So we can expect her wrestling skills getting exposed and expect her reach new heights. May be Hart Dynasty, Smith in particular will get a lot more recognition.


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