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WWE: Friday Night Smackdown Spoiler results

Posted by sssjvsss on December 30, 2009

Tonight’s show will feature a Beat The Clock Tournament. The tournament winner will face The Undertaker for The World Heavyweight Championship at The Royal Rumble.

-CM Punk vs Matt Hardy in a Beat The Clock Match: CM Punk wins with The GTS at 7:20.

-Dolph Ziggler vs Kane in a Beat The Clock Match:

-A guy came out to the ring in a Carolina Panthers jersey. He was called “The Carolina Panther.” The Great Khali then comes out and the match is Khali vs The Carolina Panther. Khali wins with the Khali Bomb immediately.

-John Morrison vs Drew McIntyre in a Beat The Clock Match. McIntyre wins via DQ after pushing Morrison into the ref, but the ref didn’t see the push so he DQ’d Morrison. The two continued to battle up the entrance ramp.

Jeircho cuts a typical promo.

-Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio in a Beat The Clock Match: Mysterio wins with a roll-up with 1 second left on the clock. He is now the new time to beat.

-The Hart Dynasty and Natalya vs Jimmy Wang Yang, Slam Master J and Maria: The Hart Dynasty wins, and after the match Maria and Natalya continue to fight. Natalya locks on the sharpshooter for a bit before leaving the ring.

Batista vs R Truth for beat the clock . Batista could not beat the clock, due to Mysterio interference. Hence Vickie comes and books  a match between them next week with the winner facing Undertaker at Royal Rumble.

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