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Christian vs Ezekiel jackson Royal Rumble 2010 result

Posted by sssjvsss on February 1, 2010

This is the opening match of the night and it is for the ECW Title

The ECW Champion Christian comes to a nice pop. Out next is the challenger, Ezekiel Jackson with William Regal. Both men lock up and Christian is quickly shoved away by Jackson. Christian ducks another lock up attempt, but Jackson is quick to regain the advantage with a belly to back slam. Christian is up and he slaps Jackson across the face. Jackson chases Christian to the outside, but back in the ring, Jackson is caught by surprise with a couple of quick fists, a dropkick, and a springboard plancha from Christian. Christian rolls Jakcson back into the ring, ducks a couple of clotheslines and hits another slap, but Jackson responds with a slam.
Jackson hits Christian with a couple of big blows to the back, and he sends Christian into the corner twice, but Christian comes out and even attempts the killswitch. Jackson fights it off and tries for a gorilla press but Christian fights out, knocks Jackson into the ropes, and stands on his back, choking him. Christian slaps Jackson a third time, but when he goes to the second rope, Jackson pulls his feet out from under him and sends him to the outside. Regal tries to get involved, but the ref sees it and ejects him from the ringside area.

Jackson slams Christian into the steel ring steps and rolls him back into the ring. Jackson goes for the pin but Christian kicks out at two. Jackson wrenches away at Christian’s neck. Jackson picks him up, from a seated position and choke slams him. Jackson hits a delayed vertical suplex, but again it’s only good for two. Jackson bends Christian around the ropes and clubs away at his chest before bringing him back into the ring and working over Christian’s back. Christian comes up with a springboard sunset flip out of nowhere, but Jackson plucks up Christian and plants him with a double hand choke slam. Jackson locks in a camel clutch but Christian fights out.

Christian slaps Jackson three times, but Jackson comes back with a clothesline to the back of the head, that’s good for a two count. Jackson locks in a weird modified full nelson, but Christian is able to get to his feet. Jackson sits Christian on the top rope and he goes for a superplex, but Christian fights out of it, and kicks Jackson in the face, following up with a flying shoulder block.

Christian side steps a charging Jackson, who connects with the turnbuckle. Christian connects with a missile dropkick and he tries for the killswitch, but Jackson fights out again. Christian hits a reverse DDT, and he goes to the top, trying for a splash, but Jackson moves. Jackson connects with a huge lariat, but Christian won’t stay down. Christian tries for the killswitch again, but Jackson counters into a backbreaker, but it’s still only good enough for two. Christian dodges a charging Jackson again, and hits a kick to the face. Christian hits a tornado DDT, but Jackson is still able to kick out.

Christian goes for the killswitch yet again, but Jackson counters out. Christian locks in a sleeper, but Jackson muscles him into powerslam position and slams him into the corner twice, but going for the third, Christian connects with the killswitch out of nowhere. Christian rolls over Jackson, and this one is over.

Winner: Christian


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