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Order of Entry and Exists of Royal Rumble 2010

Posted by sssjvsss on February 1, 2010

Order of Entrants:

1) Dolph Ziggler
2) Evan Bourne
3) CM Punk
4) JTG
5) The Great Khali
6) Beth Phoenix
7) Zack Ryder
8) Triple H
9) Drew McIntyre
10) Ted DiBiase
11) John Morrison
12) Kane
13) Cody Rhodes
14) MVP (taken out on the ramp by The Miz)
15) Carlito
16) The Miz
17) Matt Hardy
18) Shawn Michaels
19) John Cena
20) Shelton Benjamin
21) Yoshi Tatsu
22) Big Show
23) Mark Henry
24) Chris Masters
25) R-Truth
26) Jack Swagger
27) Kofi Kingston
28) Chris Jericho
29) Edge
30) Batista

Order of Eliminations:

1) Evan Bourne eliminated by CM Punk
2) Dolph Ziggler eliminated by CM Punk
3) JTG eliminated by CM Punk
4) The Great Khali eliminated by Beth Phoenix
5) Beth Phoenix eliminated by CM Punk
6) Zack Ryder eliminated by CM Punk
7) CM Punk eliminated by Triple H
8) The Miz eliminated by MVP
9) MVP eliminated by himself
10) Matt Hardy eliminated by Kane
11) Kane eliminated by Triple H
12) Carlito eliminated by Shawn Michaels
13) Cody Rhodes eliminated by Shawn Michaels
14) Ted DiBiase eliminated by Shawn Michaels
15) John Morrison eliminated by Shawn Michaels
16) Drew McIntyre eliminated by Shawn Michaels & Triple H
17) Triple H eliminated by Shawn Michaels
18) Shelton Benjamin eliminated by John Cena
19) Yoshi Tatsu eliminated by John Cena
20) Chris Masters eliminated by Big Show
21) Mark Henry eliminated by R-Truth
22) Big Show eliminated by R-Truth
23) Jack Swagger eliminated by Kofi Kingston
24) R-Truth eliminated by Kofi Kingston
25) Kofi Kingston eliminated by John Cena
26) Chris Jericho eliminated by Edge
27) Shawn Michaels eliminated by Batista
28) Batista eliminated by John Cena
29) John Cena eliminated by Edge


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