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Wrestlemania XXVI 26 2010 Matches List

Posted by sssjvsss on March 23, 2010

Without a shadow of doubt Wrestlemania 2010 is the most anticipated Mania of the recent times. The pre-match hype, storyline and the stipulations and rules are making it a special immaterial the quality of the match. Here is the list of the matches.

1) SHowMiz vs R Truth and John Morrison

Stake : Unified Tag Team Championship

Rules : Normal

The tag team actions would open up the Mania fever and  I just pray God that this should not end up as a dark match. This is the least hyped, anticipated match but the stars can provide a great start.

2)Rey Mysterio vs C M Punk

Stake : If Punk loses, he shaves himself bald and Rey loses, he unmasks himself.

Rules : Expected to be a Street Fight.

I believe this is going to be the opening match of the ppv if that turns out to be dark match. Its going to be a quick, short and fast paced match to set the audience mood for the ppv.

3) Money in the Bank :

Stake: Guaranteed Title shot within one year against the champion of choice at any time, any where.

Rules: Ladder Match stipulations with 10 guys fighting for themselves

From 6 to 8 (7), and now 10 man. I dont really see why this is a 10 man match other than WWE wanting all their top guys wanting a match at Mania. But this is going to be great as always.

4) Fight for Legacy :

Rules : Triple Threat Match.

Randy Orton vs Ted Di Biase

5) HHH vs Sheamus

Can not believe HHH would accept to have such a mid card match at Mania. But no other choice my friends.

6) Edge vs Chris Jericho

Stake : World Heavy Weight Championship. Champion Chris Jericho defending against Royal Rumble 2010 Winner Edge

This is gonna be awesomeness to the core.. But of late Y2J gimmick stops him from being as great as he was .

7) Bret Hart vs Vince

13 Years of making. Its a Street Fight. Can Bret prove he is in deed the best there is , the best there was and the best there ever will be ?

Oh Boyyyy…. it just cant get bigger than this…. 13 years of making…

8) Undertaker vs Shawn Micheals … the show stealer

Stakes : Undertaker Streak vs Shawn’s Career

Rules : No DQ, No Count Out.

no explanation needed

9) John Cena vs Batista

Stake : WWE Championship

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