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Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker Wrestlemania Spoiler why not 17-1

Posted by sssjvsss on March 24, 2010

Well, in case u dint read already, I made my prediction that Undertaker will win the match here

Now the question, what could be the reason ? WHy not Shawn ?

Reason why Taker should win:

Shawn, despite all the bad things he has done, has always been an amazing performer in the ring. No doubt, he is the show stopper, the show stealer. He could play a heel and face at ease and can turn face and heel without much effort, the best example being his feud with Hogan.

Above all, he has been pretty much loyal to WWE, which many did not notice. With only 4 world title reigns, he sure as hell is an under-rated wrestler. And yeah, he has less than 50% win rate at Wrestlemania despite being MR.Wrestlemania. More than any thing else, he always managed to give a watchable or above average quality match even with some of the worst performers in the ring.

So With all that said, why in the blue hell he should not break the streak ? If NOT SHAWN, then who ? If Shawn does lose to Taker twice, and next year Cena or some other newbie comes and beat the Undertaker would not it be an insult to Shawn and other victims ?

What if the newbie who wins Taker at Mania, gets all the giant push, leaves the company the very next year ?

So many questions. The answers are as below

To Start with, Personally, I don’t want this  match at all in the first place. I mean come on, what the hell ? The stakes are too harsh. Does not matter who wins, the losers could be the MARKS of the other guy.

But yeah, Taker should not lose the match for the legacy the streak has got. If he does lose, he should not wrestle any more. Further, even if he retires next week, keeping him undefeated gives way for his return at Mania for one match putting his streak on the line; and I tell thats a great point from business point of view, which Vince would have in his mind.

I do not really thing any problem for Shawn to job to Taker two times in a row for 3 reasons

1) Because he is any way leaving and he is putting over the BEST GUY

2) Shawn costed the title at Summer Slam 1997 to Taker and the next three times they met at Ground Zero, Bad Blood and Royal Rumble, Taker did not win Shawn in TAKER’s REVENGE. So its just that Shawn is returning the favor that Undertaker did to him a decade ago.

3) Even if HBK loses he can come out of retirement, but if streak is broken… its gone once for all

Ok, What could be the possible Finish ?

2 Responses to “Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker Wrestlemania Spoiler why not 17-1”

  1. […] Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker Wrestlemania Spoiler why not 17-1 […]

  2. sssjvsss said

    Even if HBK loses he can come out of retirement, but if streak is broken… its gone once for all

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