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ShowMiz vs RTruth and Morrison Wrestlemania 26 2010 Spoiler Prediction

Posted by sssjvsss on March 24, 2010

Big Show, Miz, R Truth and John Morrison… Some top 4 stars are there in the tag division and till end of 2009 I have never seen either of the tag team existing. Miz and Morrison would make any one jealous but can they do that being in opposite teams. I just pray it does not get converted to a dark match like last year for the unified title.

The hype is less and it could be the opening match if not Dark Match. I do not see any logic behind any one to win this. I go with ShowMiz as I strongly believe R Truth and John Morrison would some thing to contribute in single’s division

2 Responses to “ShowMiz vs RTruth and Morrison Wrestlemania 26 2010 Spoiler Prediction”

  1. I think that the most important match was the Undertaker : H.b.k and I’m very glad 18:0 The Undertaker rocks!!!

  2. Squishy said

    Unfortunately, hbk retired 😦 He was my favorite wrestler!!!

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