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Undertaker vs Shawn Wrestlemania XXVI 2010 Possible Finish

Posted by sssjvsss on March 24, 2010

After Predicting the match result here and the justification here its time to see what could be the possible finish.

I see a lot of submission moves by HBK here.
But the possible ends are here

1) HHH Sledge Hammers HBK allowing Taker to win

2) Taker locks the Hell’s gate on HBK, HBK taps out but refree is not there. HHH sledge Hammers Undertaker and puts the unconscious HBK over him. HBK wins it. But refuses the win saying that its still 17-0 and walk out of the business

3) Multiple Tombstones to finish HBK in a clean match

4) Bret Hart gets involved and screws HBK career, and does a heel turn.

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