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HRs Should have learnt Psychology

Posted by sssjvsss on April 13, 2010

Efficiency is not an Illusion !!! Neither is it something that happens randomly or without scientific justification.
It also exhibits “repeatability” feature !!!

Are you checking the site address to verify if its mine ­čśë !!! okay okay, let me get back to my normal tone …

Yeah, Man, i mean, lets take this example… I go to gym, all the stupid guys are around, I do not even feel like doing any thing. All it takes was a sexy girl in a tight outfit stretching herself to make guys rush to the gym and make their work outs… And if at all, her attention turns towards you when u lift the weight, take it for granted u can even win Olympics.

My friend saw that girls swim in swimming pool in swimming dress ( his stupid brain dint realise it till he saw) and the next day joined the swimming pool … I am not talking about you, Dhiraj !!!

Started┬áanalyzing why my job never appeals to me !!! Why I never find it interesting !!! After all, its not that its too monotonous, just that I am not finding a reason to prove myself there !!! I mean, I look at it this way, every time I wanna put in that extra effort to make it extra ordinary, I just ask a question to myself, “Why should I do it ? “, I mean, none going to appreciate me for that !!! … I do not have a variable pay in my CTC, and its been some time since my company gives a legitimate bonus and they have already declared no-hike this year for the third year in a row, and there is a very good chance that my manager might not even realize its an ‘extra-ordinary’ effort !!!

Well, imagine some spin wheel, we go to flash back and the good ol SSS JV is back to his secondary school. The only reason I accepted to go to school was that it could give me a chance to see Trichy ( I was living in a village a lot deeper in trichy.. and trust me, going to Trichy was HUGE by then… Going to Chennai was not even an option and cities like Hyd or Bangalore are some thing which i can see ONLY in India Map) .

I would prefer to pass every year, so that my education could continue, but rather my school had 1:1 boys vs girls ratio and I tell u, the ratio of good looking girls to total girls was pretty good, more than .5, I should.

And DAMN IT!!!, I had a reason to work.. I had a reason to stand out as THE MAN. I put in the effort and I tell u, every one did it. We go in a group and each of us would get noticed, and now I walk alone but get lost as yet another common man. Yeah, I had a reason to stand out as the man, Well its a different story if i did or not, but I tried Damn it ..

And┬árealizing┬áthe fact, and knowing that my company spends real huge money to meet employees requirement in terms of ‘work environment’ I raised a service request to provide me with cheer girls who would keep me, my mind and my brain active so that I could perform better and cross my previously defined 100% efficiency. They should bring in some new fundas man… As I am Bored with this work from home stuff, I stated that I want a new policy, ┬á‘Work from YOUR home’… I mean, we are innovators right ?

But it got mercilessly rejected !!! 

Then I told to myself, HRs Should have learnt Psychology, lest, the efficiency would be lost. ┬áI am supposed to be in R & D kinda work and why not understand and appreciate my innovative ideas like this !!! Lack of encouragement, I should say… !!! ­čśŽ

Yeah, I have finished shouting, screaming .. etc etc. . ┬á­čÖé

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