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Whats Going on with this Jack Swagger stuff ?

Posted by sssjvsss on April 13, 2010

Well, its getting interesting every week.. First this guy got an enormous push, quiet deserved one though, during his ECW debut and all the critics went crazy about how WWE’s good time has come. But when his push went one step ahead and when Vince put him over Christian, they all started to say he is over-rated :-(.

He got drafted to RAW and won a few squash matches over Evan Bourne getting more and more heat from the internet critics. Then all of a sudden, got lost 😦 . Feuded and jobbed to Chavo and Santino (two guys who are pretty talented but are treated like jokers), and every thought he is gone for good. I did not even think about him when making MITB, nor would have any one . He was expected to be there just to fill the number and when the match was happening, till the end he never looked strong.

When he was up, no one bother to pop, pretty simple they thought, this guy is not going to win. To every one’s surprise, he did unhook the contract and just in a couple of days (5 days for tv viewers) he became WORLD CHAMPION.

So every one started hating him !!! Why !! when a guy is put high, we criticizing wwe for doing but when they do, we say its tooooo early… Sheamus and Jack deserved and got what they are given.

I love his gimmick, and I love all the confusions happening right now.. First the segment between Chris, Edge and Jack , and now, tomorrow Chris and Edge gonna fight for #1 contender but today there is an announcement that Randy is the man!!!

So, against whom Jack gonna put his title ?
After a long time, WWE is proving my predictions wrong with this jack Swagger storyline and I am loving it 🙂

Good Luck Swagger.. Hope u turn out to be the JBL of this era.


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