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4 reasons why Tamil Cinema market is not as WIDE/BROAD as Hindi Cinema !!

Posted by sssjvsss on June 6, 2010

Its a long post… let me get this very straight…

1) Lesser Multi starers .. The promoters might find it tough to promote a movie to a place where the people does not know the hero. Keeping the location of the movie as diff place also be done

2)No Frequent interviews, blogs, tweets etc.. only when movie releaes, during festive time they will give interview.

3)if u ask our current generation top hero (Vijay, Ajith and after movies like ayan, aadhavan singam surya joins them) what is ‘experiment’, they will its something done in chemistry lab… Rajni is still busy chasing heroines and falling in love, went to refuse to play dad role when supposingly his fav dir asked him to do so(Jaggubhai) and now Kamal also says he is going to do a romantic movie (after 17-18 years) playing a guy in 30s.. WHY KAMAL WHY ? And if some director asks them to do negative roles, they will chase and kill that director..

4) When an odd experimental movie like Naan Kadavul or Airathil Oruvan or Anbae Sivam, Hey Ram comes, there is a separate set of reviewers who thrash the movies while bollywood reviewers just celebrate movies like MNIK…
{I did call them as EXPERIMENTAL Movies and not good movies or bad movies … u may like them or hate them, but cant refuse its different and experimental}


2 Responses to “4 reasons why Tamil Cinema market is not as WIDE/BROAD as Hindi Cinema !!”

  1. sssjvsss said

    BTW, Its as BIG as Bollywood although its not wider enough 😦

    • Saravana said

      Tamil actors like kamal and Rajni shud follow the footsteps of Amitabh who has redefined acting, or else they will be called only heroes who wildly adulate themselves by giving so called names,fan clubs and not Actors.. True ability of an actor lies in adding Midas touch to whatever role he plays irrespective of whether he’s hero or a villain.. Take the case of Nasseruddin Shah, has hardly played a hero role but he holds the numero uno position wen it cums to acting.. And problem wit tamil cinema is tat, every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be a hero for reasons best known to them.. Even Kamal and Rajni fall into tat.. I see only Prakash Raj doin some odd stuff.. And tats the reason behind the deteriorating quality of tamil cinema.. Unless someone comes with conviction, only God can save it..

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