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Money In the Bank (MITB) Update for Wrestlemania 2011 27

Posted by sssjvsss on March 13, 2011

Unless or otherwise some last moment change, there aint going to be Money In the Bank match at Wrestlemania 2011 27. The main reason is not only that there is another separate ppv for MITB, but the internal feeling that there is no solid contenders to win it.

Wade Barett and Punk could be potential MITB winners going to WM but Punk has his single’s match with Orton and Wade is expected to be involved in a tag team match against Big Show.

This leaves guys like Sheamus, Bryan, Morrison and Ziggler without a contest. The internal feeling is that they can put them together alongside Kofi in MITB match or put Kofi against Drew in IC title match and the remaining four in US title match. This would add values to those corresponding titles and can make them look like potential main events going forward.


2 Responses to “Money In the Bank (MITB) Update for Wrestlemania 2011 27”

  1. Well, if this is true, that is going to be shame. MITB match is excellent way to bring all superstars into arena and make them beat themselves till the end of the time, or till some lucky dude manage to climb that ladder and grab that precious contract. And all that for the same price on Wrestlemania seems to hurt pockets of WWE. If that is even possible…

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    […]Money In the Bank (MITB) Update for Wrestlemania 2011 27 « SSS_JV's Space[…]…

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