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Wrestlemania 2011 27 Spoiler Predictions Results

Posted by sssjvsss on April 3, 2011

Undertaker vs HHH No Holds Barred Match::

I will give it to Undertaker. HHH has new responsibilities and this could possibly the last time we see him for a while. Taker would also continue with his ‘last outlaw’ gimmick making rare appearances. So Winner Undertaker.. 19-0 like it or not.

Cena vs Miz ::
Miz is in same situation as Cena when he faced HHH in 2006 WM. But no one wants to see a loser Cena facing off with the Rock. Rather Cena winning and Rock putting him over the next week on Raw would mean proper ending to the storyline.
My pick :: John Cena, The Champ .

Edge vs Alberto Del Rio
It makes absolutely no sense why Edge should kill Alberto’s push.. Alberto is all charisma, mic skills, in-ring master. In short everything That WWE wants to have ๐Ÿ™‚


Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes ::
Rey does not lose much matches. But either way this match goes, Cody should get the much wanted respect. ย The match would also be launching pad for Sin Cara. Hope Cody tries to unmask Rey and Sin Cara saves him.

John Morrison, Trish, Snooki vs LayCool and Dolph Ziggler
I guess Vickie and Kelly Kelly will be there in either end. It could either end with Snooki being pinned or faces winning it clean and kicking heels out . Typical celebrities match. Celebrities will win as usual

Corre vs Kane, Big Show, Santino, Kozlov

Kozlov will be replaced by Kofi and Kofi team will win it I guess. Corre has been given enough push. I mean ENOUGH.

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus
Sheamus has long lost his push. Give it to Bryan ๐Ÿ™‚ ! This, if given enough time, could be the show stealer. I’m afraid it will not be on Television.

Randy Orton vs C M Punk ::
I aint really interested in this much. For, I get a feeling that Randy is going to win it. That, to me, is absolutely crappy and meaningless. We have had enough Orton. Its Punk’s era. Its the era of straight edge. Punk beating Orton clean and singlehandedly would be like bigger than life happiness for me. Other hand, a new set of guys helping Punk thus forming a new stable would also be awesome.

But, I hate to say this, I guess, errr, I guess Orton will win this.

King vs Cole (Stone Cold Spl Guest Referee) ::

King dint get his First Wrestlemania match after 15 years just to lose to an ass hole like Cole. Write it down, carve it on stone, Cole will get the biggest ass whip of his life time .. And THAT’s Bottom line, B-E-CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO …. WHAT?!


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