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WWE Wrestlemania Undertaker vs HHH 19-0 Image

Posted by sssjvsss on April 4, 2011

Undertaker HHH 19-0 Wrestlemania



8 Responses to “WWE Wrestlemania Undertaker vs HHH 19-0 Image”

  1. Def a great Wrestlemania full of excitement and surprises!!! Was happy to see Undertaker win and keep the streak!!

  2. rishikesh said

    hi.i”m rishikesh from india i m abig fan of wwe .i h”v watched the match between undertaker vs triple h.i would say that baap baap hota hai aur beta beta hota hai.mean son can never defeat his father,here undertaker is the boss and triple h is the son .

  3. jay said

    hi wwe,i am jay from india and i watch the live math,and i though that strick cannot be broken if the wrestler like undertaker fight.he is the superstar of superstar.but still HHH done well.

  4. Ajay said

    hi, iam ajay from ranchi india iam a big fan of undertaker.even my d.o.b is same as undertaker 24th march. i am very happy for 19-0.

  5. ASHISH GUPTA said

    hi, i am ashish from raipur india, just say something.’thankgod’

  6. Gaurav said

    Hi,i am DEADMAN and the biggest fan of UNDERTAKER in all galaxy i would to say that To Defeat UNDERTAKER is not to hard it’s Impossible.

  7. »G.S« said

    undertaker is geartest

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