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Aalavanthan = The Brain Child of Kamal Haasan B-)

Posted by sssjvsss on February 25, 2012

Aalavanthan = Most intelligent screen play among the Indian movies I have ever seen 🙂 !! But there are a lot of misconceptions in the movie about how and WHEN exactly the hallucination starts for Nandhu !! and When he actually becomes (half) mad (or what ever u can call that) and why !!! The poems ?! This video answers all ..

1) He enters his diary as “Anbulla Diary” and now that changes to “Anbulla Amma”
2) Although he was realizing his mom is dead earlier, this is exactly that part of the movie where he tends to treat his mom as alive as well “Naanum en thaayum mattum uyir jeevigal, uyar jeevigal” line
3) When his dad dies, he was looking them as dead ones, where in his hallucination completes its shape as a ‘temporary’ hallucination
4) His ‘dead’ mom is telling him poems in his hallucination; which is nothing but he reads them and hallucinate it as something as him mom telling … he might have continued it all the way to be the poet that he was…
5) The last things that happen are the belt shots to him aimed at ‘killing him’ !! what more his dad is dead the same moment he was afraid he could be killed… striking a clear fear/message to his young brain
6) Bottle shot to the side of a bald head, entire weight of a human falling on him and he falling on ceiling at the back of his head – sufficient for brain damage ? is not it !!
7) And not the least, the final words of some one he killed on his ears when he already started hallucinating, with his brain damaged — sufficient for a new hallucination ?!!
and yeah, he started the trademark sniffing 🙂 “en veedu, en ulagam” phrase… are just bonus 🙂 !


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