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Brock Lesnar vs HHH Summerslam 2012 – A Review

Posted by sssjvsss on August 26, 2012

My thoughts or review on the much anticipated and hyped Brock Lesnar vs HHH match at 25th anniversary of Summerslam(2012). I liked the idea that they went for some thing that’s more a fight than a wrestling match. The damage was done with out any chair shots or any high risk (high flying, I mean) moves which was really good for the business and the wrestlers. Who ever wanted to see a pure wrestling match or a match with a lot of “Holy Shit” moments were sure disappointed. I wanted to talk about some of the spots in the match, and how did I feel about them.

1) I liked the idea that Brock won. I really liked the idea that Brock dominated the match and won. This was particularly very important for Brock as he returned, after say 8 years , after so much of hype and lost his first match. It was essential for Brock to make a statement to the new wwe fans who were not watching UFC.

2) A complete domination with repeated and continuous attack targeting the injured arm of HHH through out the match(with all those slams on the arm) made it clear why Brock is still the most dangerous guy in WWE. He is rabid, he is focused and has a clear cut game plan; not to miss, he is huge, powerful, strong and quick. He likes to hurt people; he has won them all and does not worry just about winning but rather just want to hurt them. This makes up for the fact that he lost to Cena. Just justifies that he wanted to kick Cena’s ass, and he did… moral victory.

3) The spot where HHH throws Brock over the top rope (for the second time), and yelled “This is my House – W.W.E and not UFC) with Brock coming back, taking his gloves off, doing a MMA style take down on HHH, with a knock out punch on the back of his head that completely floored HHH and Brock yelling at him back “This is MY House” was awesome. It could have been better if Brock did a wrestling move there, like a belly to belly suplex, which would have meant, Brock was not just a MMA guy, but he could wrestle as well. But then, WWE was not too interested in projecting the wrestling skills of Brock as it looked like.

4) HHH going for the abdomen of Brock was pure gold. HHH is the cerebral assassin, and they had made sure his gimmick did not get killed. The shots looked legit and the entire spot were awesome especially because the it was followed by HHH’s finisher Pedigree. Not to miss Spine buster was awesome as always.

5) The commentary was a little pathetic. Especially on the spot where Brock hit his abdomen on the announce table and sold it big and Cole was silent. It looked like Brock went back to HHH and asked him to punch his stomach again and yelled loudly “Ahhh… My Stomach” as if reminding Cole to talk about Brock having Abdomen issues in the past. How we missed J.R !!!

6) There was this spot where Brock did a roll up on HHH. Dint get the meaning of it !!! Brock wanted to destroy HHH, not just win him… But thankfully though, there were no other roll up or meaningless pinfall attempts otherwise. Liked the idea, Brock the heel, did not ask the referee to count HHH out when he was outside; because he wanted to destroy HHH, not just win.

7) The spot where Brock tried to suplex HHH and HHH countering it with a suplex of his own is tough to digest but again the story line was not to project Brock as a wrestler.

8) Paul Heyman is a GREAT addition in the match. He brought in a great ring-presence and he made up for the poor commentary. Three spots where Heyman was great are
a) Brock hit his stomach and the reaction of Paul was like “Oh SHIT !!! your weakness is exposed”.
b) Brock going for the low blow and the referee was not sure to ring the bell or not, Paul yelling “He wanted the fight” is an amazing spot, a reminder to all about the pre-match stuff.
c) The end – When HHH hit the second pedigree, the reaction of Heyman in the back ground was amazing. It just gave you the feeling that even he felt it was over, thus reducing the chances of some one anticipating the Kimura Lock coming back.

9) “You tapped out” chant on a baby face was OKAY. The match had to project HHH as some one whose spirit was broken and the match and the chant did that.

10) Why the match was not a “No DQ, No Count Out” match ?! Because the contract was signed already and could not be changed ? :/ ? not sure…

11) Not too many suplexes or super-plexes, no shooting star press or high flying moves, no table crashing moments or chair shots, no Brock-Lock, no power bombs, no Brock’s spine busters, no belly-to-belly throws and just one spot with German Suplex – Something many Brock’s fan would be disappointed with. But the signature corner shoulder blocks were impressive and the Kimura Lock looked like a killer move there.

All said, the match had done what it was expected to do(by business but not necessarily by fans). Put over Brock as a dangerous entity and build the platform for Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker feud at Wrestlemania.

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